The Warrior- gain 5 extra fatigue.

The Mage – gain 5 extra magicka.

The Thief - gain an extra Benny each game.

The Serpent – gain a special touch poison. For 10 fatigue you force an adjacent target to make a vigor save at -2 vs poison. On a failure the target is paralyzed for 2d4 rounds and suffers a wound. On a success the target is only paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.

The Ritual – you may spend a Bennie to remove a wound and recover from shaken.

The Steed – increase your pace by 4.

The Lord – gain a +1 to toughness.

The Apprentice – increase magicka by 10. You are more vulnerable to magic though and suffer a -2 to toughness and a -2 vs all saves vs magic.

The Atronach – gain 15 magicka but you can only regain magicka when you sleep.

The Lady – you regenerate 1 fatigue every 30 minutes instead of every hour.

The Lover – your agility dice goes up by 1 and you can raise it to 1d12+1.

The Shadow – you gain the invisibility spell regardless of your rank. Once per day you may activate it as a free action and without making a successful illusion skill check.

The Tower – once per day you can reflect all damage from an attack back on the attacker.


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