Altmer 5+
Erudite: Altmer begin with smarts at 1d6
Magical Blood: Destruction(or illusion) starts at 1d6 and they start with the _ spell.
Highborn_: Altmer begin with 10 additional power points.
Immune to disease.
-_Elemental Weakness
: Altmer suffer a 2 toughness vs fire, ice and electricity.-

Argonian 6
Male Argonian’s begin with a 1d6 in agility while females begin with a 1d6 in smarts.
Aquatic: Argonian’s start with a 1d6 in athletics and can move at their normal pace in water, and can breathe water.
Histskin: Argonian’s are immune to poison and disease.

Bosmer 6+
Agility starts at 1d6
Marksman starts at 1d6
Immune disease
Base pace of 10
Start with the beast friend spell

Breton 7+
Spirit 1d6
Conjuration 1d6 and start with the – spell
Magic Resistance: gain the arcane resistance edge for free
Dragon skin_: +1 toughness
: gain 5 extra power points.

Dunmer 6-7
Males gain 1d6 vigor and females gain Agility 1d6
Destruction 1d6 and some spell
+2 toughness vs fire and vs heat environmental affects and saves.
Ancestor Guardian Your guardians make you gain a +2 to a from constantly bouncing around you during combat.

Imperial 6
Vigor 1d6
Speechcraft starts at 1d6
Voice of the emperor: +2 to charisma
Star of the west: +5 to fatigue

Khajitt 6
Agility 1d6
Athletics start at 1d6
Stealth starts at 1d6
Eye Of Night: infravision
Claws: unarmed attacks deal 1d6+strength

Nord 6
Males gain 1d6 to strength and women get 1d6 to spirit.
Two handed starts at 1d6
Nordic Frost: +2 toughness vs ice and vs cold environmental affects and saves.
Woad: +1 to toughness

Orc 6
Male orcs start with 1d6 spirit and females gain Vigor 1d6
Heavy armor 1d6
Berserker Rage As a free action you can go into a berserk rage at the cost of 2 stamina a round. While berserk in you gain a +2 to toughness, one and two handed skill checks, and damage with melee weapons.
Magic Resistance_: gain the arcane resistance edge for free.

Redguard 7
Males start with 1d6 to strength and females start with a 1d6 in vigor.
Redguard begin with a 1d6 in one handed weapons.
Adrenaline Rush: Redguard get +10 to fatigue.
Hardy: Redguard are immune to poison and disease.


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