Prerequisite: Marksman 1d4, Novice
You gain a +1 to damage while using a ranged weapon.

Eagle Eye
Prerequisite: Marksman 1d6, Seasoned, Overdraw
The range of all weapons increases by 5.

Critical Shot
Prerequisite: Marksman 1d8, Veteran, Overdraw
You use a 1d10 instead of 1d6 for critical damage.

Steady Hands
Prerequisite: Marksman 1d8, Seasoned, Eagle Eye
This functions as the Marksman edge from core rules.

Power Shot
Prerequisite: Marksman 1d8, Eagle Eye, Veteran
You may spend 1 fatigue to make a power shot. This is exactly as a power attack with melee weapons (dealing an extra +2 to damage).

Quick Shot
Prerequisite: Marksman 1d10, Power Shot, Heroic
For 2 fatigue, you can increase the rate of fire of any ranged weapon by 1.

Prerequisite: Marksman 1d10, Heroic, Critical Shot, Steady Hands
You may use steady hands even if you move in a round.

Prerequisite: Marksman 1d12, Quick Shot, Legendary
You reduce the penalty for any targeted shot by 2.


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