The ability to pick locks and disable traps. May have other uses like rigging a wagon wheel to fall off.

Trap Master
Prerequisite: Security 1d4, Novice
When you are about to set off a trap, roll a security check. On a success you notice the trap at the last minute and gain a +2 to any relevant check to avoid the affect or damage.

Quick Hands
Prerequisite: Seasoned, Security 1d6, Trap Master
You can pick a lock without being noticed. You may still be seen, but no one knows you picked a lock.

Golden Touch
Prerequisite: Security 1d8, Veteran, Quick Hands
At the end of every session you gain an extra 1d10x20 gold.

Treasure Hunter
Prerequisite: Security 1d10, Heroic, Golden Touch
In the final room of any dungeon you may make a security roll. On a success, you find a level appropriate mundane item. On a raise, the item is enchanted.

Prerequisite: Treasure Hunter, Legendary, Security 1d12
You can never jam a lock, though you may still accidently set off traps.

Master Locks
Prerequisite: Treasure Hunter, Legendary, Security 1d12
You gain a +1 to your security skill.


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