Your parry is equal to 2+half your block. You may also use block to make a shield bash. A shield bash deals 1d4+strength damage.

Shield Wall
Prerequisite: Novice, Block 1d4
As Block from core rules.

Deflect Arrow
Prerequisite: Seasoned, Block 1d6, Shield Wall
Increases your armor vs ranged while wielding a shield by +1. Ranged weapons armor penetration is reduced by 1 while wielding a shield.

Elemental Protection
Prerequisite: Veteran, Block 1d8, Deflect Arrow
While wielding a shield, for 1 fatigue you may increase your toughness by 2, and gain a +2 vs any save required by the element for a single attack as you Deflect the elements.

Block Runner
Prerequisite: Heroic, Block 1d10, Elemental Protection
Your pace increases by 2.


Elder Scrolls: Savage Worlds Edition underableedingsun